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A new statement, released from the National Association of Scholars — which describes itself as "a network of scholars and citizens united by our commitment to academic freedom, disinterested scholarship, and excellence in American higher education" — vows to fight for intellectual freedom on university campuses and calls on Congress to punish schools that fail to protect free speech on campus. Outside organizations, including the California-based Claremont Institute, were instrumental in helping the National Association

What happens when you pay a business to pay for a good or service on your behalf? Its a legitimate question, as this type of transaction costs many Americans thousands of dollars every month in the form of health insurance payments and taxes paid to the government.

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Human biology may only know two sexes, but California senator and 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Kamala Harris (D-CA) apparently thinks that there should be more than two gender options for purposes of the federal government IDs and other documents. Politico reports: Sen. Kamala Harris said Tuesday that she supports placing a third gender option on federal identification cards and documents, bolstering her record on LGBTQ issues. Harris was asked about adding a third

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Sacramento Is it better to have been a cow who, after spending a few years in a pasture or a feedlot, gets sent to a slaughterhouse — or to have never been a cow at all? Animal-rights activists and ethicists might want to start pondering that ethereal question now that a couple of California-based companies have developed plant-based meat substitutes that taste remarkably similar to ground beef. One of those firms, Beyond Meat, announced that it’s ready to

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When the leveraged loan music stops, lots of people

By Printus LeBlanc There is fight brewing in Congress over the funding of a local transportation project. Senators and House Members

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Military vehicle European Commission

Authored by Tom Luongo, Today is a big day for Korea. The first face-to-face summit of Russian President Vladimir Putin and

By Printus LeBlanc Last week the Trump administration announced it would impose a 25 percent tariff on imported steel and a

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You might think it’s redundant with Instagram Stories, or just don’t want to see high school friends’ boring lives,

The National Security Agency is recommending that the White House officially end the agency's mass collection of U.S. phone data, according to The

The Belgorod nuclear-powered submarine that carries Poseidon strategic underwater drones

The leaders of New Zealand and France plan to host a meeting of global leaders and tech executives in an

Young, tech-savvy adults struggle to work the collection of remote control devices at their parents’ house; “you’ll get picture but

The Long-Term Stock Exchange—a market for the nation’s hottest startups–was opposed by a member of the Securities and Exchange Commission.