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Britain is  one of the most classically liberal countries in the world. British thinkers such as John Locke and Thomas Paine paved the way for creating a free society here in the United States. Britain has long been an advocate for ideals such as just rule, civil rights, and free speech. Unfortunately, free speech has diminished in the United Kingdom in recent years.Last April, Mark Meechan, a YouTuber who goes by the name “Count Dankula”

They're part of it.

On Thursday, CNN's Anderson Cooper had an exclusive interview with former Playboy model Karen McDougal, who claims that she had a 10-month relationship with Donald Trump a decade before he became President.CNN, which is always anxious to paint Trump in the worst possible light, most likely did not get quite the response they were looking for from McDougal. While affairs cannot and should not be ever cast in a positive light, it is worth noting

On Saturday, young people around the world will participate in the March for Our Lives, urging lawmakers to find solutions that stop gun violence and mass shootings just over a month after the nation’s deadliest high school shooting in Broward County. But South Florida’s Republican lawmakers in Congress either have no plans to attend, or won’t say what they’re doing on Saturday. The March for Our Lives was organized by Marjory Stoneman Douglas High

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell speaks during a news conference in Washington D.C., March 21. Photo: Yang Chenglin/Zuma Press ByThe Editorial BoardThe Editorial BoardThe Wall Street JournalBiography@wsjopinion March 21, 2018 6:47 p.m.

Steve Bannon, the former White House chief strategist who made an unceremonious exit from the Trump administration last year, said his old boss will bring fire and fury before long to special counsel Robert Mueller.“I think President Trump is going to war,” Bannon said about the criminal probe into whether Trump’s Republican presidential campaign colluded with Russia, while appearing at a Financial Times Future of News panel in New York on Thursday. “He’s going to

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It appears Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's non-apology apology statement and robotic CNN interview, that he feels bad and is sorry,

Authored by Brandon Smith via Alt-Market.com, In the liberty movement, we often refer to the historical tactic of the Roman “bread

turning negative for the year, and the Dow Jones closed 720 points down.NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 22: Traders and

By Printus LeBlanc Last week the Trump administration announced it would impose a 25 percent tariff on imported steel and a

By Printus LeBlanc There is fight brewing in Congress over the funding of a local transportation project. Senators and House Members

Facebook's gains, in a way, made investors more vulnerable to the social stock's recent selloffWe can thank Facebook (FB, $168.15)

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Facebook Inc.’s investigation into outsiders’ handling of its users’ information will help identify and deter bad actors but won’t be

Imagine thousands of “talking” drones, able to act as one to perform high-level rescue missions in the face of imminent

Bird has made another key hire as it looks to spread its electric scooter rental business across the nation. The company

Ford Motor is losing two executives it recently recruited from Silicon Valley, the latest in a series of prominent executives