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Tens of thousands of immigrants will be barred from entering the country under the compromise plan the House is about to consider.

On Tuesday, the Democratic governor of New York announced the intention to file a multi-agency lawsuit against the Trump Administration for allegedly violating the "Constitutional rights" of the illegal immigrant children and their families being separated at the Southern border. "New York State intends to file a multi-agency lawsuit against the Trump administration for violating the Constitutional rights of immigrant children and their families who have been separated at the border," announced Governor Andrew Cuomo

Having failed to get much traction on a federal prohibition of online gaming, casino magnate Sheldon Adelson and his coalition have pointed to targeted online ads promoting online gambling as proof that Congress should take action.But the measure is a desperate ploy, given that the ads aren’t intentionally placed on certain sites by the online casinos.Business Insider recently ran a story about the Coalition to Stop Online Gambling’s opposition to the ads. The coalition says

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Fox News responded on Tuesday to leftist activist David Hogg's latest boycott of host Laura Ingraham, saying that the network will never back down to attacks designed to silence their diverse viewpoints. In a statement provided to The Daily Wire, Fox News wrote: Laura Ingraham’s very personal, on-the-ground commitment to the plight of impoverished and abandoned children—specifically in Guatemala— speaks for itself. So too does her strong belief in a commonsense, legal immigration system,

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According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, the McKinsey & Co. retirement fund, which consisted of retirement funds for

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By Printus LeBlanc There is fight brewing in Congress over the funding of a local transportation project. Senators and House Members

Authored by Nick Cunningham, via OilPrice.com, The pipeline constraints in the Permian basin have become a hot topic lately, not least because of

With roughly six months left before he leaves the Goldman Sachs C-Suite, CEO Lloyd Blankfein has been sounding more uninhibited


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The founders of entrepreneurial community Startup Grind have a startup of their own — Bevy, which announced today that

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi postponed a widely anticipated share sale in mainland China, saying it would proceed first with an

The researcher at the center of the Cambridge Analytica scandal told Congress on Tuesday that he doesn’t believe the data

I first wrote about SmartAsset nearly six years ago, when it launched its first product, a tool allowing prospective homebuyers

The Supreme Court announced it will hear an Apple appeal challenging the propriety of a lawsuit brought by consumers who